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Traditional February Birthstone: Amethyst is the traditional birthstone for February and the zodiac sign Aquarius.  Amethyst is available in shades of green and purple.  Green amethyst is also known as prasiolite.  Very light purple or pink amethyst is referred to as 'Rose de France' amethyst.  There are two more interesting types of amethyst that are becoming increasingly popular in contemporary jewellery: moss amethyst and cape amethyst (which typically exhibits a shading of white to dark purple).  Moss amethyst can be clear to purple with various shades of red and purple rutile caught inside.  All types of amethyst are perfect for Aquarius birthstone jewellery.

Modern Aquarius Birthstone: Onyx 

Your designer birthstone jewellery will arrive securely packaged in a black gift box tied with satin ribbon.  Free UK Special Delivery is standard on orders over 100.

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3.25 carats, AAA grade, amethyst
View Ametrine & Amethyst Lariat Necklace
Large, natural, lemon quartz focal
View Lemon Quartz & Amethyst Cluster Necklace
12.3 carats, AAA grade, natural ametrine
View Luxury Rose, Chrysoprase & Ametrine Necklace
100% Natural, AAA grade, pink amethyst
View Luxury Pink Amethyst Earrings
One of a kind piece
View Luxury 18K Black Opal, Ametrine & Ruby Bracelet
10 carat, AAA grade, amethyst focal
View Luxury 18k Amethyst & Black Opal Pendant
23.6 carats AAA+ grade ametrine
View Luxury 18k Ametrine Earrings
3.75 carats, AAA+ grade, natural ametrine
View Ametrine & Opal Earrings
Over 30 carats of AAA+ grade natural ametrine
View Luxury Ametrine Nugget Bracelet
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