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Children's Jewellery Safe?

Children's Jewellery Safe?


'Is children's jewellery safe?' is a question we get asked a lot - maybe it's just because we sell children's jewellery and maybe it's because our safety warnings are placed in a more prominent position than a lot of other websites or shops selling children's jewellery, regardless of the reason the short answer is 'yes, providing your sensible'. 

All jewellery sold for children and babies under 3 years old should come with a safety warning if it contains small parts.  All our baby jewellery has been rigourously tested for general wear by our little fashionista Tabytha Butterfly, who has been wearing Sugarpuss jewellery for special occasions since she was born.  Now at 16 months, she's fascinated with her mother's jewellery and loves wearing her own. 

So long as babies and children are fully supervised at all times when wearing jewellery 'just in case', and the item is well made, then the jewellery can be regarded as safe.  Supervision is required, however, as children may start paying too much attention to the item that they, or their little friends, are wearing, pulling at it hard and generally trying to get it off to inspect it.  If this happens, the item should be removed immediately and put aside for another occasion.  You should never leave a child to sleep when wearing jewellery as the piece could get caught up in their bedding or the chid may wake before you return.  For similar reasons, a child should not wear a piece of jewellery if they are going to be put in a car seat without suitable supervsion in the back of the car - they may start pulling at the jewellery whilst you're driving and unable to stop them from doing it.


There are some steps that you can take when putting the jewellery on a child that can help to minimise how much attention they pay to the item:

  • Distract the baby or toddler - give them a toy to play with whilst fastening the item on; chances are they won't realise they're wearing it
  • Never give them one of their jewelley pieces to play with - this will encourage them to think of the item as a play thing.
  • If someone compliments the item, resist the urge to show it off further by proffering it for closer examination, lifting your child's arm etc in the process.  Your child will pay attention to what you're doing and start regarding the item as an object of curiousity and wonder themselves.

Ultimately everything, even your child's own finger, could be dangerous (they could poke themselves in the eye/jam it up their nose/suck it and then put it a plug socket), the key to ensuring your little one is safe is proper supervision and the reason we display our warnings so prominently is because we are very aware of this fact.