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Traditional October Birthstone: Opal is the traditional birthstone for October and the zodiac sign Libra. There are many kinds of precious and common opal available and all have their own unique characteristics.  Precious opal is characterised by colour play across it's surface.  Both common and precious opal is perfect for use in designer birthstone jewellery.  Sugarpuss London only uses natural solid opal in its opal jewellery collections.

Modern Libra Birthstone: Tourmaline is a perfect alternative to Opal when searching for contemporary birthstone jewellery.

Your October birthstone jewellery will arrive securely packaged in a black gift box tied with luxury Beresford ribbon..  Free UK Special Delivery is standard on orders over 100.

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27 carats Fox turquoise
View Fox Turquoise & Ethiopian Opal Bracelet
9.4 carat solid Lambina crystal opal
View Lambina Crystal Opal Pendant
2.7 carats bright black Mintabie opal
View Black Mintabie Opal Earrings
44.25 carats of natural phosphosiderite
View Phosphosiderite, Silver & Opal Bracelet
Solid Ethiopian Welo opal
View Garnet & Opal Necklace
2 carat solid fairy opal
View Fairy Opal & Leaf Pendant
9.5 carats solid Australian fairy opal
View Keishi Pearl & Fairy Opal Bracelet
3 carat fairy opal
View Pink Sapphire & Fairy Opal Necklace
10.15 carat Peruvian opal nugget
View Peruvian Opal Necklace
3.10 carat carved watermelon tourmaline flower
View Anchor & Carved Watermelon Tourmaline Silver Bangle
Natural blue Oregon Owyhee opal
View Swarovski & Blue Opal Encrusted Pendant
Genuine, solid, Ethiopian opals
View Opal Encrusted Pendant
6.6 carat Lightening Ridge opal heart
View Opal Heart Lariat Necklace
Natural pink Peruvian opal
View Pearl & Pink Opal Lariat Necklace
59.6 carats Oregon blue opal
View Oregon Blue Opal Bracelet
One of a kind piece
View Luxury 18K Black Opal, Ametrine & Ruby Bracelet
7.8 carats investment grade opal
View Luxury 18k Gold Supergem Opal Bracelet
10 carat, AAA grade, amethyst focal
View Luxury 18k Amethyst & Black Opal Pendant
7 carats AAA grade black rutilated quartz
View Black Rutilated Quartz, Turquoise & Opal Earrings
Natural cherry red fire opal
View Baby's First Fire Opal Bracelet
0.45 carats natural Ethiopian opal
View Opal, Turquoise & Pearl Baby Bracelet
5.4 carat, large, solid Andamooka opal
View Chunky Handmade Opal Ring
8.95 carat Australian amber opal
View Amber Opal & Larimar Necklace
4.65 carat Andamooka matrix opal
View Opal & Turquoise Necklace
1.55 carat dark based Lambina opal
View Wheel Of Fire Opal Necklace
Natural Ethiopian black Welo opal
View Contemporary Black Opal & Pearl Bracelet
natural Andamooka matrix opal
View Organic Druzy Pearl & Opal Bracelet
AAA grade, off-roud, peacock black pearls
View Black Pearl, Spinel & Opal Bracelet
3.3 carat Mintabie focal opal
View Mixed Opal & Pearl Bracelet
0.8 carat solid Ethiopian opal charm
View Pearl, Emerald & Opal Charm Bracelet
2.55 carats solid Ethiopian opal
View Opal, Pearl & Vermeil Bracelet
1.9 carat solid Brazilian opal
View Brazilian Opal Pendant
1.8 carat solid Brazilian opal
View Brazilian Opal & Turquoise Pendant
0.85 carat Ethiopian opal charm
View Pearl, Topaz & Opal Charm Bracelet
1.35 carat solid Brazilian opal
View Brazilian Opal & Spinel Necklace
AA+ grade natural pink freshwater pearls
View Pink Pearl & Owyhee Opal Bracelet
2.55 carats supergem Lambina opal
View Opal Cocoon Necklace
20.6 carat Mintabie opal snake
View Opal Snake Pendant
1.9 carat solid dark based Lambina opal
View Petite Supergem Opal Necklace
1.55 carats supergem Lambina opal
View Supergem Opal Earrings
As seen in Esquire (January 2013)
View Ethiopian Opal Cluster Earrings
7.8 carat bright Andamooka matrix opal
View Australian Opal Necklace
0.85 carats bright Ethiopian opal
View Black Silver Opal & Leaf Earrings
3.75 carat solid Queensland boulder opal
View Rice Pearl & Boulder Opal Bracelet
Solid Ethiopian crystal opal
View Opal & Emerald Earrings
1.8 carat Owyhee opal
View Blue Opal & Large Pearl Pendant
1.6 carats dark based Lambina opal
View Dragonfly Opal Gemstone Necklace
Genuine Indonesian South Sea pearl
View 14K Gold South Sea Pearl & Dark Opal Bracelet
0.5 carats gem grade fire opal
View Baby's Luxury Akoya Pearl & Fire Opal Bracelet
1 carat Andamooka matrix opal
View Andamooka Matrix Opal Ring
Fully hallmarked by the London Assay Office
View Girl's Opal Stacking Bangle
Fully hallmarked by the London Assay Office
View Girl's Pink Opal & Horseshoe Bangles
3.15 carat Lightening Ridge opal
View Skull, Opal & Ruby Necklace
0.65 carats Oregon sunstone
View Child's First Sunstone, Pearl & Opal Bracelet
25 carat solid gem Mintabie opal
View Gem Australian Opal Heart Pendant
27.6 carat black Lambina opal heart
View Gem Black Opal Heart Necklace
1.2 carats gem Welo opal
View Ethiopian Fire Opal Earrings
1.75 carats rare Mintabie/Mintubi opal
View White Mintabie Opal Wheel Earrings
As Seen In InStyle (October, 2012)
View 18k Couture Opal, Sapphire & Pearl Necklace
4.85 carats crystal opal
View Australian Crystal Opal & Garnet Necklace
26.35 carats natural watermelon tourmaline
View Chrysoprase & Watermelon Tourmaline Bracelet
28.8 carats natural green tourmaline
View Green Tourmaline Slice Bracelet
56 carats watermelon tourmaline
View Watermelon Tourmaline & Pearl Necklace
2.3 carat rare blue fire Welo opal
View Silver Welo Opal & Pearl Lariat Necklace
2.10 carats Ethiopian crystal opal
View Statement Pearl & Welo Opal Earrings
AAA grade gemstones
View Peridot & Opal Earrings
7.05 carats rare Ethiopian fire opal
View Ethiopian Fire Opal & Pearl Necklace
As seen in insight magazine (Issue 186)
View Watermelon Tourmaline Bracelet
38.3 carats natural blue sapphire
View White Mintabie Opal & Sapphire Necklace
3.10 carat Lightening Ridge opal
View Black Opal & Coin Pearl Pendant
34.2 carats amber crystal opal
View Amber Opal & Dragonfly Bracelet
79.2 carats solid Australian opal
View Chunky Australian Opal Bracelet
49.7 carats natural Andamooka matrix opal
View Andamooka Matrix Opal Bracelet
33 carats Lambina crystal opal
View Aquamarine & Opal Bracelet
10.2 carat supergem Australian opal
View Large Crystal Opal Necklace
0.4 carats natural pink tourmaline
View Baby's First Pearl & Tourmaline Bracelet
As seen in Tatler (April 2012)
View Amber Crystal Opal Bracelet
3.95 carats rare amber Lambina opal
View Amber Crystal Opal Earrings
6.55 carat natural Andamooka matrix opal
View Akoya Pearl & Opal Pendant
7.95 carats rare Andamooka matrix opal
View Andamooka Matrix Opal Earrings
9.4 carats multi flash fire Lambina opal
View 18K Gold Opal, Emerald & Chalcedony Bracelet
4.55 carats AAA grade peach sunstone
View Opal, Sunstone & Pearl Necklace
4.5 carats AAA grade natural Mexican fire opal
View 18K & 22K Mexican Fire Opal Pendant Necklace
Fully hallmarked by the London Assay Office
View 18k Ruby, Diamond & Opal Necklace
Fully hallmarked by the London Assay Office
View 22k Gold Jelly Bar Opal Earrings
Fully hallmarked by the London Assay Office
View 22K Gold Mintabie Opal Pendant
Lambina, Andamooka & Mintabie opal
View Couture Pearl & Opal Bubble Ring
100% natural gem quality tourmaline
View 14k Gold & Tourmaline Bracelet