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Fairy Opal Earrings
Fairy Opal Earrings

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Fairy Opal Earrings

  • Sparkling confetti colours
  • Approx 4 carats gem fairy opal
  • approx 0.55 carats solid Welo opal
  • Sterling silver
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These fairy opal earrings are a one off design handmade with approximately 4 carats of genuine Australian fairy opal hand pinned in sterling silver with Bali style spacer beads and approximately 0.55 carats of rare Ethiopian Wello opal (4x3mm) with lovely bright flashes of green and red. The fairy opal is cut into a smooth rondelle shape and both beads measure 10x5mm. The gems are presented on handmade sterling silver ear wires and have been hand wrapped with double wrapped loops for extra security.

The fairy opal used in these earrings comes from Queensland, Australia. Fairy opal is a type of treated matrix opal - it is still a naturally mined stone, however, the opal is given a hot sugar bath treatment that turns the original sandy brown matrix a deep black/brown, which is a) more attractive and b) helps the colours pop out more. It is a lovely kind of opal with colours scattered in pin prick or confetti pattern all over the stone (in fact, it is sometimes known as confetti opal). We had lots of different grades of fairy opal available to us when we purchased our stones. We opted for the highest grade, as it had a greater variety of colours present, with greens/blues/purples/reds & yellows all to be found.