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White Mintabie Opal Wheel Earrings
White Mintabie Opal Wheel Earrings

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White Mintabie Opal Wheel Earrings

  • 1.75 carats rare Mintabie/Mintubi opal
  • 100% solid Australian opal
  • Sterling silver
  • Broad reds on white base
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These stunning white Mintabie opal earrings are handmade from 1.75 carats of top quality Australian opal from the Mintabie (or Mintubi) opal fields. The opals are 100% solid, well cut, exhibit broad flashes of red fire and are free of any inclusions/defects; they are simply hand pinned in sterling silver and hung from our favourite sterling silver ear wires with 2mm ball end.

Remember, we do not photograph our opals using flash photography, so the opals should always be much brighter in person.