Apologies: our bespoke / handmade to order rings & children’s bracelets are currently unavailable for purchase or fulfilment.

Sugarpuss London will be going dormant for a while - shop the sale! 

Bespoke & Reserved

Sugarpuss London can currently take on bespoke work for all types of jewellery and accessories, be it an anklet, bag charm, or gem encrusted collar for your cat.  Furthermore, we are able to take on commissions for bulk jewellery designs, for instance matching bracelets for bridesmaids or for gift bags at special events.  Sugarpuss London has connections to a network of dealers all over the world that can offer us a wide variety of gemstones, including those that are rare and hard to find.  We will work with you throughout the design process to ensure that you are completely happy with your commission. For more information see our bespoke jewellery information page. Turn around time for bespoke jewellery and accessores is typically 3 - 4 weeks but may be longer or shorter depending on the specifics of the gemstone jewellery piece or pieces you have in mind.