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Coin Pearl Jewellery

Sugarpuss London specialises is handmade coin pearl jewellery. Coin pearls have a tendancy to be highly blemished, especially if they are on the large side and, whilst sometimes these blemishes can add great character, other times they can spoil the pearl.  Sugarpuss London hand selects each and every coin pearl used in our contemporary coin pearl jewellery and we are proud of their quality. Coin pearls are nearly all bead nucleated meaning that the layers of nacre that the pearl is made up of is grown around a bead of the required shape.  The pearls are still natural in that they are grown inside an oyster.

Sugarpuss London can make bespoke coin pearl jewellery to request, simply email bespoke@sugarpusslondon.com for more details.  We are able to source almost any grade and colour of coin pearl you can think of.

Your designer coin pearl jewellery will arrive ready to give (if you can bear to part with it) in a black gift box tied with luxury Beresford ribbon. Free UK Special Delivery on all orders over £100 as standard.