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Scapolite Jewellery

Our handmade scapolite jewellery collection features unique scapolite earrings, pendants, necklaces, rings and bracelets. Scapolite is said to help glaucoma, cataracts, mental clarity, and upper body aches.  Scapolite is found in a great number of countries and is growing in popularity due to its bright, crisp colours.  Cats eye scapolite is a form of scapolite that exhibits a high degree of chatoyancy (reflective sheen) - this 'cats eye' effect is not unique to scapolite, however, it can also be seen in other stones, such as mooonstone, chrysoberyl, nephrite, seraphinite, and some rare forms of quartz.

Your designer scapolite jewellery will come presented in a jewellery box with studio certificate.  Free UK Special Delivery is standard on orders over £100.