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Carico Lake Turquoise Jewellery

Carico Lake turquoise is named after the location of its mine in Nevada, USA.  Its clear, iridescent, spring green color is due to its zinc content and is highly unique and collectible.  Carico Lake turquoise is also found in a dark blue-green color with a black, spider web matrix.   Primarily a gold producing mine, the turquoise part of the mine is occasionally leased out to individual miners who are permitted to work that part.  The limited amount of Carico Lake turquoise, and the limited amount of time allowed to mine it, combine to make Carico Lake turquoise a valuable collector's turquoise.

Sugarpuss London's Carico Lake turquoise jewellery is guaranteed to be genuine Candelaria turquoise and is completely natural and unenhanced.  All of our Carico Lake turquoise jewellery has been handmade in the Sugarpuss London studio and items are guaranteed to be one off designs.  As Carico Lake turquoise is rarely mined, this turquoise is considered rare and valuable.

Your handmade Cario Lake turquoise jewellery will be sent out beautifully packaged in a jewellery box with studio certificate.  Free UK Special Delivery is standard on orders over £100.

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