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Emerald Jewellery

Our designer emerald jewellery range consists of high quality Columbian and Zambian emerald earrings, necklaces and bracelets, as well as contemporary raw emerald pieces.  

When buying emerald jewellery buyers should be aware that the vast majority of emeralds sold are subject to some sort of treatment.  Broadly speaking, treated stones are 40-50% cheaper than their weight-for-weight counterparts (with the same apparent clarity and colour). 

Emeralds are usually highly included and, unlike stones such as diamonds, which are graded under a 10x loupe, are graded by eye.  Emeralds are also considered quite delicate and jewellery containing emeralds should never be ultrasonically cleaned. 

Emeralds that have been treated with cedar oil can still be sold as natural (nearly all emeralds receive this treatment as part of the post lapidary process).  Other treatments, such as dying/heating/tinting and treating stones with opticon should be disclosed to the buyer (but may not be unless you specifically ask). 

Emeralds can occur in colours from yellow-green to grey-green, but the most desirable colour is blue-green.  

Your emerald jewellery will arrive beautifully presented in a black gift box tied with ribbon.  A studio certificate will also be provided.  Free UK Special Delivery is standard on all orders over £100.