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Oregon Sunstone Jewellery

Our Oregon sunstone jewellery range consists of high quality Oregon sunstone bracelets, necklaces, earrings and rings.  We have high-schiller oregon sunstone, red oregon sunstone and stones that are dichroic (displaying more than one colour). 

Generally speaking, the redder the sunstone the more valuable, however, orange-green and red-green dichroic stones are also considered highly collectible and can, in fact, fetch a higher price.  Clear or faint yellow Oregon sunstone specimens with little to no schiller are usually the cheapest.

Sunstone became the state gem of Oregon in 1987 and, although a fairly modern gemstone, has been growing in popularity year on year.   Oregon sunstone is actually a type of feldspar (so a member of the same family as labradorite and moonstone).

All of our Oregon sunstone jewellery comes beautifully presented in a jewellery box tied with ribbon.  A studio certificate is also provided.  Free UK Special Delivery is standard on all orders over £100.