Apologies: our bespoke / handmade to order rings & children’s bracelets are currently unavailable for purchase or fulfilment.

Sugarpuss London will be going dormant for a while - shop the sale! 


Do you deliver internationally?

Yes; we deliver worldwide

How quickly will I receive my order?

Most orders are dispatched within one to two working days and all orders will require a signature upon delivery. Delivery time will vary depending on where you live. Items sent to UK addresses should arrive on the next working day after dispatch for Special Delivery items and within two to three working days for items sent First Class Recorded. Most international orders should reach their destinations within 5-10 days.

If an item is needed urgently, please contact us before ordering.

Can I reserve an item of jewellery I've seen on your website and/or pay for it in instalments?

Yes. Sugarpuss London does operate a reserve/layaway service. If you see an item of jewellery in our main collections that you would like but need to reserve it, simply contact sales@sugarpusslondon.com to see what we can offer. In most cases we will require a 10% non-refundable deposit if you want to reserve an item for more than 48 hours, however, this may be waived in certain circumstances.

Is it safe to purchase jewellery through your website?

Yes. All of our credit card processing is handled by Protx and is guaranteed to be 100% secure, you also have the option of paying through Paypal.

How will my jewellery be packaged?

All of our jewellery comes provided in a jewellery box, and delicate gemstones may be tissue wrapped for extra protection during mailing. For specific details of how the item you want will be packaged, see the specific packaging information associated with each product. A studio certificate of authenticity will also be included

Do you offer a bespoke jewellery service?

Yes, please visit the bespoke section for more details and/or email bespoke@sugarpusslondon.com

Do you have a shop or a showroom where I can come and see your jewellery or make a purchase?

No, at the moment our jewellery is only available to purchase online exclusively through us - the website acts as our showroom. We strive to provide a 'real shop' experience and are happy to provide more details or supply additional photos for any product, however, for the time being, at least, we remain online only.

What is Sugarpuss London's pricing policy/how are you trying to be ethical?

Sugarpuss London believes in paying a fair price to our suppliers and charging a fair price to our customers. We use a large amount of Karen hill tribe silver in our designs - silver that is ethically sourced and most of which is sourced directly from the artisans themselves, with no middle men involved. Sugarpuss London also refuses to support the trade in blood diamonds and only sources diamonds that are considered conflict free. We will never use coral in our designs and refuse to buy mammoth ivory from traders in ivory from living species (whether trade in that species is legal or not). We also refuse to source our rubies from Burma/Myanmar. Our rubies our sourced from the famous Longido mine in Tanzania; Tanzania is under the governance of IPEC (the ILO's International Programme on the Elimination of Child Labour), which is working to stamp our child labour in Tanzania and 24 other countries.

Sugarpuss London never buys in finished jewellery items from factories or sweat shops, we hand craft all of our designs in our very own jewellery studio - with the exception of our Karen hill tribe silver rings (which are ethically sourced, as per above).

Sugarpuss London is also currently looking to source fair trade gold and sterling silver sheet, wire and findings for use in its designs, if you are a supplier or able to put us in contact with one, please email us at info@sugarpusslondon.com.

I’ve seen a piece of jewellery that I like, but I would like the length of the chain altered/the bracelet size reduced or enlarged, is this possible?

In most cases, yes. Please contact us regarding the piece you are interested in and we’ll see what we can do. Payment will need to be taken before alterations are made.

Are the gemstones used in your jewellery designs genuine?

Yes, the gemstones used in our designs are guaranteed to be genuine and are sold with a full money back quality guarantee.

What do you string your beaded jewellery on?

Apart from items that are described as hand-knotted onto silk in the traditional way, our beaded items are strung on a cable comprised of 49 strands of stainless steel that is also nylon coated and made specifically for bead stringing. This cable is incredibly strong and provides our designs with fantastic drape and suppleness.

The break point of the wire varies between 4kg and 18kg, depending on the thickness used (which is also dependant on the hole size of the beads), but this should give you an idea of how strong it is. In addition, we choose to further enhance the strength and appearance of our designs at the clasp ends by using something known as French wire or boullion – which is a fine wire wound round like a spring into a flexible tube; it effectively coats the beading cable or silk and provides added protection against wear and tear. A lot of designers think this step unnecessary when using beading cable but we believe it looks more attractive and that the finishing touches count.