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Fairy Opal & Grandidierite Earrings

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  • 5.6 carats solid fairy opal
  • 1.2 carats rare grandidierite
  • Sterling silver
  • 100% natural gemstones

These fairy opal and rare grandidierite earrings are a one off design handmade using 5.6 carats of natural, solid, Australian fairy opal that has been hand pinned in sterling silver with 1.2 carats of rare grandidierite.  The gems are presented on classic sterling silver ear wires.

Fairy (or confetti) opal is given a sugar bath treatment to darken the base colour of the opal, so that the pin point flashes of colour are made to stand out more.  The confetti opal used in these earrings is of particularly fine grade. 

Rest assured, you will receive the exact opal earrings pictured. 

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