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Keishi Pearl Jewellery

Sugarpuss London's keishi pearl jewellery collection offers some of the largest and finest grade keishi pearls available (typically the larger the keishi pearl, the more valuable).  A true keishi pearl, unlike a normal pearl, is comprised of 100% nacre, meaning that they are incredibly lustrous with highly reflective and shimming surfaces.  Keishi pearls are actually formed as a by-product of normal pearl cultivation, they occur when the nucleus is expelled and a natural, nucleated, pearl is not produced.  Keishi pearl shapes vary but are mainly in nugget or 'flake' form. South Sea and Tahitian Keishi pearls used to be quite the bargain, however, they are now becoming incredibly rare and sought after by collectors, as pearl farms have started to X-ray oysters in efforts to improve productivity and determine which oysters have expelled their nucleus.  If an oyster is found to be empty, they are then re-nucleated to prevent a keishi pearl forming. 

Your handmade keishi pearl jewellery will arrive packaged in a black gift box tied with ribbon.  Free UK Special Delivery is standard on all orders over £100.