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Oregon Opal Jewellery

All of our Oregon opal jewellery is handmade in London, UK using only the finest solid Oregon opal, gemstones, pearls and precious metals.  Sugarpuss London's contemporary Oregon opal jewellery collection features both Juniper Ridge fire opal jewellery and Owyhee opal jewellery.  Owyhee opal is a beautiful blue stone only found in the state of Oregon.  The mining of Owyhee opal is intermittent and there is not too much of the opal on the open market so, at the moment, the opal is considered quite rare. Juniper Ridge fire opal comes in shades of yellow through to deep orange/red, much like Mexican fire opal.

Your Oregon opal jewellery will arrive ready to give (if you can bear to part with it) in a black gift box tied with ribbon. Free UK Special Delivery is standard on orders over £100.