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Sugilite Jewellery

Our handmade sugilite jewellery collection features unique sugilite earrings, pendants, necklaces, rings and bracelets. Sugilite is a rare gemstone that commands a high price because the one and only gem quality source is remote (in the Kalahari Desert near Botswana) and must be mined 3200 feet underground. Sugilite is sometimes known as lavulite, royal azel, and wesselite. The stone is said to have calming properties and to help those suffering from headaches.

Don't forget Sugarpuss London offers a bespoke jewellery service and can make sugilite jewellery specific to your requirements, simply contact us at bespoke@sugarpusslondon.com to find out more.

Your handmade sugilite jewellery will come presented in a jewellery box with