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Cat's Eye Scapolite & Grandidierite Star Bracelet

  • 26.9 carats cat's eye scapolite
  • 8.5 carats grandidierite
  • Sterling silver
  • One off design

This extremely chatoyant bracelet is handmade with just under 27 carats of cat's eye scapolite.  The scapolite gems are cut into convex coin shapes and are beautifully faceted.  The beads are accented with 8.5 carats of rare grandidierite and the the bracelet is finished with sterling silver beads, a large, artisan made, hammered toggle clasp and a trio of charms:  a sterling silver charm, hand wrapped grandidierite & a tiny, high lustre, white seed pearl. 

Please note, two of the cat's eye scapolite gems are a slightly lighter shade of chocolate - these have been symmetrically placed as the fifth gem from the end of each bracelet.

Rest assured, you will receive the exact designer gemstone bracelet pictured.

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