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Natural Blue Chalcedony Earrings

  • 8.8 carats high grade 'holy blue' chalcedony
  • Plump briolette cut
  • Sterling silver
  • 100% natural gemstone

These chalcedony earrings are handmade using two well matched briolettes of 100% natural blue chalcedony.  The gems measure 8.5mm x 14mm and are crisply cut with no surface imperfections - there is some very slight natural internal 'clouding' (colour variation) when held up to the light, however, so we have graded them AA+.  The gems are hand wrapped in sterling silver with double wrapped loops for extra security.  Presented on classic sterling silver ear wires.

Please note, natural blue chalcedony commands a far higher price than its dyed cousin!

Rest assured, you will receive the exact gemstone earrings pictured.

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