Amber Opal & Larimar Pendant

  • 8.95 carat Australian amber opal 
  • Solid opal
  • 0.9 carat Larimar rondelle
  • Sterling silver

This Australian opal and larimar necklace is handmade from a large, solid, 8.95 carat, amber Lambina opal hand pinned in sterling silver with Bali style daisy spacers and a 0.9 carat Larimar rondelle. Presented on a silver hoop and classic, 18", sterling silver trace chain.

Rest assured, you will get the exact necklace pictured.

Only 1 in 1000 cut opals is a true amber opal. The opal used in this necklace measures a large 12mm and has masses of bright green, red and blue precious fire in the top half of the sphere, with mainly the base colour showing in the lower half (some green fire).

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