Andamooka Matrix Opal Earrings

  • 7.95 carats rare Andamooka matrix opal
  • Genuine 24K gold vermeil
  • Well matched 100% solid opal
  • Bright greens and some reds

These unique earrings are handmade from two rare natural Andamooka matrix opals. Both opals have a chocolate brown-black base with bright moss-green flashes and creamy translucent tops with blue fire. One of the gems also exhibits large washes of bright red fire (visible in the pictures).

The opals are well matched for general body colour and size, at just over 8.5mm, and provide a total weight of 7.95 carats.

Each matrix opal has been hand pinned in solid 24k gold vermeil and hung on artisan made 24k gold heavy plated sterling ear wires with a 40-mil thick layer of genuine 24k gold over sterling silver - a far more substantial layer than traditional plating techniques. The ear wires also have a satin finish, making them very comfortable to wear.

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