Black Mintabie Opal Earrings

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  • 2.7 carats bright black Mintabie opal
  • Rare opal
  • Sterling silver leaf studs 
  • One off design

These black Mintabie opal earrings are a one off design handmade using two spheres of 100% natural, solid, black Mintabie opal, weighing a total of 2.7 carats. The opals display precious red fire and are hand pinned in sterling silver with Bali style daisy spacer beads. Presented on detailed sterling silver leaf ear studs. Each opal measures 6.5mm.

The opals used in these earrings can be considered rare, as the Mintabie mine is now rarely worked. These opals are from rough material that was mined over 15 years ago. Perfect for opal collectors or those who like under-stated glamour.  

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