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Chunky Australian Opal Bracelet

  • 79.2 carats solid Australian opal
  • 1.3 carats AAA Mozambique garnet
  • Sterling silver Bali style spacers
  • Sterling silver hook clasp

This stunning bracelet is a one off design handmade from 79.2 carats of solid Australian Lambina crystal opal. Each opal sphere measures between 9-13mm and is masterfully cut with a high polish. The opals are accented with sterling silver Bali style spacer beads and the bracelet is finished with 1.3 carats of AAA grade natural and untreated red garnet and a large handmade sterling silver hook clasp.

The opals in this bracelet display mixed red and green fire on a rare amber crystal base, with some beads exhibiting the colour play in scattered flashes and some in a more striped orientation. Only 1 in 1000 cut opals is a true amber opal, with the majority of amber opal coming from Lambina. Owning a whole bracelet of amber crystal opal exhibiting precious fire is a rare thing, especially when the opals are of such a large size.

The opals in this bracelet are much brighter than pictured - we never use camera tricks when photographing our opals, which are notoriously difficult to photograph at the best of times, so if you like the photographs, you'll love the bracelet.

This Australian opal bracelet is fully hallmarked by the London Assay Office and stamped with Sugarpuss London's unique studio maker's mark.

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