Fairy Opal & Pink Sapphire Earrings

  • 7.7 carats solid Australian fairy opal
  • 0.7 carats pink sapphire
  • Sterling silver
  • Blue confetti sparkle

These fairy opal and pink sapphire earrings are handmade using two, well-matched, 7mm, Australian fairy opals, weighing a total of 7.7 carats.  Each opal has dark chocolate-black matrix and a delicious sprinkling of blue confetti fire.  The opals are hand pinned in sterling silver and topped with 0.7 carats of natural (heat-treated) pink sapphire.  Presented on sterlings silver ear wires.

Rest assured, you will get the exact pair of fairy opal earrings shown.

Fairy opal is a type of treated matrix opal.  The treatment consists of giving the opal a hot sugar bath, which turns the original sandy brown matrix to a deep black/brown.  This is often felt to be more attractive and helps the colours pop out more.  It is a lovely kind of opal with colours scattered in pin prick or confetti pattern all over the stone (in fact, it is sometimes known as confetti opal).  

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