Gem Black Opal Heart Necklace

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  • 27.6 carat black Lambina opal heart
  • 100% natural and solid opal
  • Sterling silver
  • Bright fire

This beautiful black opal heart necklace is handmade using a magnificent, 27.6 carat, natural black Australian opal from the Lambina opal fields. The opal has been carved into a large, chunky, heart and has a black base with a wash of bright green and red sparkly fire across most of the front face.

We got this opal heart in last year and first blogged about it in October.. we've been umming and ahhing over whether to put the opal on a silver or gold chain (and even whether to sell it) but have finally decided on silver. If, however, you would prefer the opal on a solid gold chain, please email for a quote and/or more details.

Very little black opal comes out of Lambina, so this opal heart is quite a find.

Opal heart size: 28mm x 21.5mm and 9.5mm thick.

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