Gold Vermeil Jade Briolette Pendant

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  • 12.2 carat, AAA grade, nephrite jade 
  • One off design
  • Hand wrapped 
  • 18k gold vermeil

This gold vermeil nephrite jade pendant is handmade using a large, 12.2 carat, AAA grade, nephrite jade briolette hand wrapped in 18k gold vermeil and presented on a decorative gold vermeil bail and classic 18" fine link trace chain.

Nephrite jade of gem quality is composed of tough interlocking fibres that make it suitable for carving. In addition, the jade used in this pendant is the most valuable colour for this stone, which can range from a mottled yellow-white through to a blackish green. The colour of this jade pendant is a rich,natural, emerald green, otherwise known as 'imperial jade'.

Jade briolette size: 20mm x 12mm and 8mm thick.

Total jade pendant drop: 33mm.

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