Gold Vermeil Ruby Nugget Necklace

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  • 7.75 carat Longido ruby
  • 18k gold vermeil
  • Handmade
  • 100% natural ruby (not lead or glass filled)

This 18k gold vermeil ruby necklace is handmade with a large, 100% natural, Longido ruby nugget, weighing 7.75 carats.  The gem is opaque, with good lustre.  On close inspection, some silver-milky sheen and the odd black inclusion can be seen.  The gem is 100% natural, however, and buyers should be aware the most rubies on the market are dyed and/or lead or glass filled (even if still marketed as natural).

The gemstone is simply hand pinned in 18K gold vermeil onto a gold vermeil hoop and presented on an 18K gold vermeil figaro chain.

Rest assured, you will receive the exact ruby necklace shown.

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