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Kingman Turquoise & Welo Opal Pendant

  • 4.10 carat Kingman turquoise nugget
  • Natural (stabilised) turquoise
  • 0.25 carat Ethiopian Welo opal
  • Sterling silver

This Kingman turquoise & Welo opal pendant is handmade using a natural (stabilised) turquoise nugget from the Kingman turquoise mine in Arizona, USA.  The turquoise nugget weighs 4.10 carats and is hand pinned in sterling silver with sterling silver daisy spacer beads and a small but bright, solid, 0.25 carat, Ethiopian Welo opal.  Presented on a handmade silver hoop and 18" trace chain.

Rest assured, you will receive the exact necklace pictured.

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