Petite Supergem Opal Necklace

  • 1.9 carat solid dark based Lambina opal
  • Smooth polished rondelle shape
  • Sterling silver
  • Matching earrings available

This petite supergem opal necklace is handmade from a small, 1.9 carat, dark based Australian opal from the Lambina opal mine. The opal displays bright broad multi coloured fire and is hand pinned on a silver hoop with Bali style spacer beads. Presented on an 18" sterling silver trace chain. Matching earrings are available (purchased separately but shown in the first picture). 

We have been hoarding this strand of opals for well over a year and have only just had the heart to cut into it! The opals used in this earrings come from the strand pictured here.

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