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Sterling Silver Fairy Opal Pendant

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  • 5.8 carat confetti / fairy opal rondelle
  • AAA grade confetti sparkles
  • 0.35 carat crystal Mintabie opal
  • Sterling silver

This confetti opal pendant is handmade using a large, 5.8 carat, fairy or confetti opal rondelle with brilliant sparkles of red/green/blue and purple.  The gem is hand pinned in sterling silver and topped with a small, 0.35 carat, crystal opal from the Mintabie opal mines (displays some blue fire).  The opals are hand wrapped onto a sterling silver hoop and presented on an 18" sterling silver trace chain.

Both opals are guaranteed to be 100% solid, naturally mined, opal.  Fairy (or confetti) opal is given a sugar bath treatment to darken the base colour of the opal, so that the pin point flashes of colour are made to stand out more.  The confetti opal used in this pendant is of particularly fine grade. 

Rest assured, you will receive the exact necklace pictured. 

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